WoltLab Cloud Extended action log 5.4 5.4.0

Extended action log for administrative and moderation changes.

This plugin logs actions performed by administrators and moderators (generally by authorized users).

For each area can be decided via the user group settings who may see the corresponding actions in the Extended Action Log. Also, an action log has been integrated into the frontend for a user, so that it is also possible for moderators to view the action log without having to go into the ACP.

Which areas and actions are supported


  • User (including action log in frontend)

Actions - Users section

  • Request for user deletion
  • Cancel user deletion
  • Completed user deletion
  • Delete user in ACP
  • Locked user
  • User unlocked
  • Avatar locked
  • Avatar unlocked
  • Signature locked
  • Signature unlocked
  • Title image unlocked
  • Title image locked

What are the setting options

  • In the ACP under Users - User Groups, you can set who is allowed to access the Extended Action Log in the ACP for the user groups under Administrative Rights - Administration, and who is allowed to see the actions from the "Users" section.
  • In the ACP under Users - User Groups you can set for the user groups under Moderative Rights - General Rights who is allowed to call the Extended Action Log for a specific area in the frontend.

If the plugin is supplemented with additional actions

The extended action log will be used in the future for other products from us (optional). But of course it is also conceivable that we will extend the plugin for further actions in WoltLab Suite Core or for other apps and plugins. If you have a wish or an idea for an extension you are welcome to contact us via the ticket system.

What is the difference in the Global Modification Log

In the global modification log, which is available by default in WoltLab Suite Core, fewer actions are logged. Also an object is no longer shown with its name when it was deleted. So you would not see in the global change log the name of the user who deleted the object.



Support is available directly through our Ticket System on beMananas.com

  • Version 5.4.0


    Version 5.4.0 compatibility

    • WSC 5.4
  • Version 1.0.2


    • [NEW FEATURE] Log entries are now automatically deleted after 30 days. This can be adjusted or disabled in the ACP

    Version 1.0.2 compatibility

    • WSC 5.4
  • Version 1.0.1


    • [BUGFIX] If multiple plugins were installed, only the actions of the last plugin were displayed under "All actions"

    Version 1.0.1 compatibility

    • WSC 5.4
  • Version 1.0.0

    First Version

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