Minecraft: Send commands 2.1.0

Send commands to the Minecraft server via the forum

With the help of this extension you can send commands to your Minecraft server via the forum. This is made possible by the Rcon interface, which is on board since Minecraft version 1.9.

Important before they can send commands: A connection must be added in the ACP under Configuration -> Miscellaneous -> Rcon Connections.

System requirements:

  • Woltlab Suite Core: Version 5.2
  • Minecraft: Rcon API 2.1.0
  • A Minecraft server with Rcon connection configured

Group permissions:

Moderative rights -> General rights -> Can send Minecraft commands.

Administrative rights -> General rights -> Can clear log list

Note: Commands through the Rcon interface are not bound to any "permissions". This is comparable to direct access to the console. So be careful who you give permissions to.

BungeeCord does not have a Rcon interface by default, for this you can use the plugin https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/bungeecord-rcon.5817/.

Setting up the Rcon connection

Edit the server.properties file.

The following must be changed / adjusted


If several servers in the same network should be reachable via Rcon, the port must be different


  • Version 2.1.0


  • Super Plugin, hätte allerdings noch einen Vorschlag. Da ich mehrere MC Server verwalte, wäre es schön, wenn in den Befehls-Logs noch stehen würde, an welchen Server man den Befehl gesendet hat.