WoltLab Cloud Darkness 1.0.0

Darkness, here is a dark style. This is also perfect for the evening hours when it gets darker. The best way to get an idea of it is to take a look at the screenshots.

Here I offer you a Darkness Stile, here everything was kept so dark, except for the font. This is also ideal for the evening hours when it gets darker.

He was adapted for the:

==>> Blog

==>> Forum

==>> Filebase

==>> Gallery

==>> Calendar

Tested with Mozilla Firefox and Edge browsers.

Mobile version adapted.

I point out again that the styles must be installed as a package!

Updates are done as always via the package server.

Support: https://woltmedia.de

This style has a visible copyright, removing it is not allowed, unless you have a branding free license, this is available in my store.


  • Version 1.0.0

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