WoltLab Cloud Menu Icons 5.4.0

This product requires the base product [Developer] Font Awesome Utils.

Allows to use Font Awesome icons in menu items.

This extension saves you some work when it comes to defining icons for menu items. Until now, this was a little bit hard to achieve, so most community administrators simply stop trying.

The plugin "Menu Icons" extends the menu item configuration by the option "Icon", where you receive the possibility, to choose an icon from all available symbols with a single click.

There are no restrictions. Icons can be chosen for every menu item within every menu type. Last but not least, this extension also supports the display of icons on mobile devices. However, this feature is only available in WoltLab Suite 3.1.8 and newer.

  • Version 5.4.0

    Update for WSC 5.5.5+

  • Version 5.3.1

    - Bugfix

    - Rebranding

  • Version 5.3.0 pl 3


  • Version 5.3.0 pl 1


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