WoltLab Cloud Registration Date - Members Sidebar 5.2.4

​Add the registration date in the Members Sidebar.​

With this extension, the registration date is added to the left user list and in the "Registered as" box.

Date Format

Since users sometimes want a different date format, I now provide a little guide.
The date format can be changed in the database itself, please make a backup before editing the database!

Danger! Incorrect entries in the database can cause damage. I assume no liability, so everyone has to take responsibility for this risk themselves!

Database: wcf1_template_listener

1. threadPostRegistrationDate

2. boxSignedInRegistrationDate

Search for:


This content changes: date:"j. M. Y"


  • 01. September 2020: j. F Y
  • 01. Sep. 2020: j. M. Y
  • 01.09.2020: j.n.Y

Then empty the cache in the ACP!

Note: Updates of the plugin will overwrite your own edits!

  • Version 5.2.4

    Small correction, now points behind the time format have been added.

  • Version 5.2.3

    1. In this new version the date format has been shortened so that the month is no longer written out in full.

    Example: "September" is now output as "Sep".

    2. If you wish, the registration date will also be shown in the "Logged in as" box.

  • Version 5.2.2

    New: Tooltip

    Cannot be used as an update! Please briefly uninstall the old version!

  • Very simple and a great addition.

    I'm surprised this isn't a standard feature, but anyway, it does what it says!

  • Unkompliziertes, tolles Plugin um zu sehen wie lange die User schon registriert sind

    Finde das Plugin klasse und der Support ist 1A. Vielen lieben Dank :)

  • Keine Probleme

    Läuft und habe keine Probleme damit . Wird direkt angezeigt in der Seite. ^^