WoltLab Cloud Forms 1.1.0

This file is no longer available for purchase.

With this extension you can easily and quickly create forms in your WSC.


  • Create/edit/delete forms
    • Individual access rights per form e.g.:
      • valid from
      • valid until
      • maximum inputs (per user)
    • Individual form style per form
      • Individual user and user group rights per form
      • Creating containers (nesting up to a depth of 2 possible)
      • Creation of fields (assigned to containers) incl. setting of stored options
      • Demo View (to see the form directly in ACP)
    • BBCode
    • Overview of all entries (incl. filter)
    • Detail page for each entry
    • Example fields that are included by default:
      • Integer form field
      • text form field
      • Multi-line text form field
      • Description field (Multi-line text form field)
      • Single selection form field (drop-down)
      • multiple selection form field)
      • Single selection form field (radio buttons)
      • URL form field
      • URL form field (HTTPS only)
    • Example of containers that are part of the package
      • FormContainer
      • FormsWysiwygFormContainer
    • Internal fields and containers
    • Advanced functions
      • The manual addition of containers1
      • The manual addition of field types1
      • The manual addition of field options1
    • Interface for third-party extensions

    All further information can be found on the product page.



    Support is only available on my website.

    1 Must be suitable for at least the Formbuilder (WSC >= 5.2) Special adaptations may also be necessary

    The pictures are from the older version 1.0.0 and therefore do not show all features.


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