WoltLab Cloud Reading Time Estimate for Blog Articles 1.1.1

Display a reading time estimate above blog articles so that readers can better estimate the text length of your blog articles.


  • You must have WoltLab Suite™ Core 5.2 (at least 5.2.4), 5.3, 5.4 or 5.5 installed.
  • You must have WoltLab Suite™ Blog 5.2 (at least 5.2.4), 5.3, 5.4 or 5.5 installed.


You can configure this plugin in the ACP under Configuration ⇒ Blog ⇒ Blog Articles ⇒ Reading Time Estimate. You can disable this functionality completely without uninstalling the plugin. You can also specify whether the reading time estimate should be displayed in minutes only (rounded, rounded up or rounded down) or in minutes and seconds. By default, an average reader is assumed to read about 200 words per minute. Of course, you can also adjust this value individually to your target group.

The reading time estimate is displayed on the article page as well as in article lists (the latter requires WoltLab Suite™ Blog 5.2.9 or newer or a manual template customization).

Further individual adjustments (such as the icon) can be realized by modifying the template __entryReadingTime and __entryMessageListReadingTime as well as the language items blog.entry.readingTime.minutes and blog.entry.readingTime.minutesAndSeconds.

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  • Version 1.1.1

    Notable Changes

    • The reading time estimate was not displayed in the article list of a blog.
  • Version 1.1.0

    Notable Changes

    • Two new options for the display for reading time estimate have been added: "Minutes (rounded up)" and "Minutes (rounded down)"
    • The reading time estimate is now also displayed in article lists so that potential readers can estimate the reading time before visiting the article page. This functionality requires WoltLab Suite™ Core 5.2.9 or newer or a manual template customization.
    • If "Minutes and seconds" was selected as the display, the minutes were displayed even if the reading time estimate was less than one minute. ("0 Minutes and X Seconds")
    • An error occurred when a VieCode Lexicon article was accessed.
    • Optimizations have been made to the source code.

    Important note: The template __blogArticleReadingTime has been renamed. If you've made adjustments to this template, you must copy the templates __entryReadingTime and __entryMessageListReadingTime and apply your changes again.

    Note: Due to extensive technical adjustments to the plugin, from version 1.1.0 onwards it is no longer licensed under the "Krymo Software - Free Products License", but under the "Krymo Software - Commercial Products License". This means that the plugin must now be purchased. The version released under the previous license (1.0.0) may still be used. However, it does not entitle to updates that include bug fixes or new features. This requires purchasing a license for this plugin.

  • Version 1.0.0

    Initial release

  • Kann man darauf hoffen, dass das Plugin auch für 3.1. erscheinen wird?

    • Tut mir leid, aber das ist leider nicht möglich. Dieses Plugin setzt eine Funktionalität des WoltLab Suite Blog voraus, die erst auf meinen Wunsch hin mit der Version 5.2.4 eingeführt wurde.

    • Okay, schade. Dann werde ich wohl oder Übel updaten müssen ;)

  • Recht herzlichen Dank für die Umsetzung dieser feinen Erweiterung für den Blog.

    Liebe Grüße


    Like 1
  • Läuft einwandfrei

    Nach der Bitte um eine Umsetzung war es innerhalb kürzester Zeit verfügbar. Das Plugin ist schlicht, aber macht genau das, was es soll. Anpassbar ist es auch noch. Super Service, klasse Plugin!:)

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