WoltLab Cloud Secret santa 5.0.0

With this plugin, your members can give each other gifts. Add pixies games to any occasion you want.

With this plugin your members can give each other presents. Add Secret Santa games for any occasion you like. You decide whether you want to create just one Secret Santa for Christmas, or several Secret Santa games for different occasions.

Guests can not participate in the Secret Santa!


  • Create as many dwarf games as you like. Maybe you have a handicraft forum and want to create one for sewn and one for knitted? No problem at all with this plugin.
  • If you wish, you can allow your members to upload pictures of the gifts they received and comment on them.
  • You can decide for each Secret Santa game whether the users have to enter an address so that the Secret Santa knows where to send the gift. The address can of course only be seen by the assigned gnome.
  • Create the Secret Santa games multilingual if you wish.
  • It is possible to appoint a game coordinator for a Secret Santa game who will be displayed to answer further questions. The game coordinator has no special permissions
  • Decide whether a Secret Santa game should be displayed before the login start or not.
  • For each dwarf game, you can determine which users/user groups can see the dwarf game in the listing, and who can view the detailed view.
  • Guests can be allowed to enter the dwarf overview and the dwarf details page.
  • After the start date the gnomes will be assigned to someone automatically.

ACP --> Configuration --> Games

  • User game statistics
  • Last activity on activation
  • Last activity at login
  • Show your own gnome
  • Show own gnome only after the end of the game

User group rights --> General rights --> Games

  • Can enter the Secret Santa page
  • Can participate in secret games
  • Can see the participant list
  • Can see the gift pictures
  • Can upload gift pictures
  • Maximum image size
  • Maximum number of gift pictures per gnome
  • Can create comments
  • Can create comments without moderation
  • Can edit own comments
  • Can delete own comments

User group rights --> Moderative rights --> Games

  • Can edit comments
  • Can delete comments
  • Can moderate comments
  • Can delete gift images

User group rights --> Administrative rights --> Games

  • Can manage Secret Santa games



Support can be obtained directly from our ticketsystem on beMananas.com


  • Version 5.0.0

    First version for WSC 5.5

  • Version 4.0.4


    • [BUGFIX] Image upload is now prevented in case of a cancelled game
    • [BUGFIX] Image upload button is shown even if the participant list is disabled (image upload is not possible there)
    • [IMPROVE] Switch to Database PIP - support only for WBB 5.4
    • [NEW FEATURE] New option: allow gift pictures only after game end

    Version 4.0.4 compatibility

    • WSC 5.4
  • Version 4.0.3 pl 1


    • [BUGFIX] Error in ACP when calling the participant grouping if no grouping has taken place yet
    • [BUGFIX] Error when creating a game if a date was not filled in the ACP

    Version 4.0.3 pl 1 compatibility

    • WSC 5.4
    • WSC 5.3
    • WSC 5.2
  • Version 4.0.3


    • [IMPROVE] Preparations for expansion product
    • [IMPROVE] Database cleanup
    • [IMPROVE] Adaptations for the WSC 5.4
    • [IMPROVE] Remove compatibility for WSC 3.1
    • [NEW FEATURE] Adding a game coordinator - The game coordinator will only be displayed as a contact person in the Secret Santa game, but otherwise has no special rights.

    Version 4.0.3 compatibility

    • WSC 5.4
    • WSC 5.3
    • WSC 5.2
  • Version 4.0.2


    • [BUGFIX] Typo corrected
    • [BUGFIX] Error when displaying your own Secret Santa
    • [BUGFIX] When the attendee list was disabled, the gift images were not displayed.
    • [BUGIFX] In rare cases, an incorrect address was displayed in the notification (in the Secret Santa game itself, the correct one was displayed)
    • [NEW FEAUTRE] For each Secret Santa game, a login start must now be specified. This way, Secret Santa games can now be prepared without users being able to log in.
    • [NEW FEATURE] Possibility to decide whether a Secret Santa game should be displayed even if the registration start date has not yet been reached.
    • [NOTE] When updating, the registration start date will be set to the registration deadline for games where the registration deadline has already expired, and for games where the registration deadline has not yet expired, the registration start date will be set to the plugin's update date.

    Compatibility of version 4.0.X

    • WSC 5.3
    • WSC 5.2
    • WSC 3.1
  • Version 4.0.1 pl 2


    • [BUGFIX] Comments were not displayed when a user could not create new comments, which resulted in an error.

    Compatibility of version 4.0.X

    • WSC 5.3
    • WSC 5.2
    • WSC 3.1
    • WSC 3.0
  • Version 4.0.1 pl 1


    • [BUGFIX] Error correction in the listing of Secret Santa partners in the ACP

    Compatibility of version 4.0.X

    • WSC 5.3
    • WSC 5.2
    • WSC 3.1
    • WSC 3.0
  • Version 4.0.1


    • [BUGFIX] Fixed an error when calling from a dwarf game if there was no participant
    • [BUGIFX] Customization for PHP 7.4
    • [BUGFIX] Fixed incorrect language variable in e-mail notification
    • [BUGFIX/IMPROVE] Language variables adapted
    • [IMPROVE] Linking of the notification at the start of a dwarf game has been adapted to the dwarf game instead of to the empty
    • [IMPROVE] Mention ( username) was enabled when adding a gift picture (no mention notification like in the forum)
    • [IMPROVE] Address display unified
    • [NEW FEATURE] Added a notification to let a user know that his gnome partner has uploaded a gift picture

    Compatibility of version 4.0.X

    • WSC 5.3
    • WSC 5.2
    • WSC 3.1
    • WSC 3.0
  • Version 4.0.0 pl 2


    • [IMPROVE] Released for WSC 5.3

    Compatibility of version 4.0.X

    • WSC 5.3
    • WSC 5.2
    • WSC 3.1
    • WSC 3.0
  • Version 4.0.0 pl 1

    • [Improve] Now you can Update from Version 3.0.0
    • New since Version 4.0.X: This Version is for WSC 3.0, WSC 3.1 and WSC 5.2

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