WoltLab Cloud Local Google Fonts 5.2.0 pl 1

Stores Google fonts locally to provide them GDPR compliant to your page visitors.

The Local Google Fonts extension is the first part of SoftCreatR Media's GDPR* development.

  1. Is the Google Font service used to display your community?
    Test yourself and your community for free with our "Google Font Detection" service: Google Font Detection | SoftCreatR Media
  2. Do you develop styles for the Woltlab Suite Core using the fonts provided by the Google Font Service?

If you can answer yes to at least one of these two questions, our extension can be useful for you.

How it works

This extension for WoltLab Suite 3 allows you to use the Google Font service in compliance with the GDPR by storing the font(s) used by the respective style and previously purchased directly from Google locally on your web space/server and deliver them from there. All necessary CSS instructions are generated and optimized for the browser your visitor is currently using. Styles that are already installed will be recompiled after the extension is installed and the cache will be rewritten during the installation.

A further feature of our extension is the possibility added by us to the global style settings to be able to supply a style with several fonts of the Google Font service GDPR-compliant (e.g. Open Sans for the representation of the main elements and Source Sans Pro for the representation of code passages).


This extension was created out of the intention to protect the data of your users when visiting your community at least to some extent and to relieve you of a large part of the workload associated with the GDPR.

By using the Google Font service, personal data (e.g. IP addresses) of its users are transferred to the Google servers every time your community is accessed. What exactly happens to the transmitted information can only be guessed. By using this extension, any flow of information to the Google Font service is permanently blocked with immediate effect. However, the prerequisite for this is the "compliant" integration of Google fonts into your styles.

The advantage is obvious: The personal information of your users is effectively protected and you save yourself the extension of your data protection declaration.

Designers & Developers

This plugin extends the style editing by the possibility to define further fonts of the Google Font service to be included in addition to the option "Use Google Font". The newly added option is exported with the style export and imported with the style import.

Developers and designers are requested to include this extension as a required package (via require tag in the package.xml) in their products if your product uses the Google Font service. Because the data protection of your customers should be just as important to you as it is to us.

Why should you use this extension?

The benefits of this enlargement are obvious:

  • Site operators can ensure that the information exchange with Google is significantly reduced.
  • With the entry into force of the GDPR, there is no need to extend your data protection declaration by a corresponding passage.
  • More data protection for your users.
  • More freedom in style development.
  • and much more

After the installation

Since we cannot consider every peculiarity of each style, it is strongly recommended to verify the correct function of the extension. To this end, we have developed the Google Font Detection service, which allows you to check whether the Google Font service is being used and whether our extension is doing what it should, both before and after you install our extension. You can find this service here: Google Font Detection | SoftCreatR Media

If it turns out that fonts are loaded by Google despite the installation of our extension, please check the style settings in the Advanced settings -> Custom CSS and SCSS area to see if there are links to the Google Font service. Otherwise, please contact us or the manufacturer of the style used.

*General Data Protection Regulation


  • Version 5.2.0 pl 1


  • Version 5.2.0

  • Version 1.1.2 pl 3


  • Version 1.1.2

    - Added option "Font Display"

  • Version 1.0.1 pl 1

    - Multiple bugfixes

  • Version 1.0.0