WoltLab Cloud ThreadStarter: Movies 1.0.12

This file is no longer available for purchase.

Integrates movie discussions and movie boxes in your forum. A must have for movie communities.

This plugin requires a TMDb API key. The key is free and can be obtained after registering an account at TMDb in your account settings. (More information on how to get the key can be found here.)

Please get the API key before purchasing this plugin.


  • Users can attach movie, series or actor information to posts. After attaching the information, which can be done easily using a search with auto complete, the thread will show various information about the film or actor below the post.
  • Allow complex boxes: The boxes can be filtered and sorted by genre, actor, popularity, forum discussions, series or movie and much more.
    Using this you can create boxes like:

    • Movies discussed in the forum
    • New releases
    • Sci-Fi movies
    • Latest movies with Johnny Depp
  • Extends the forum with movie pages. These pages show information about tagline, rating, discussions, actors, trailer and much more.
  • Extends the forum with actor pages. These pages show information about the actor and their movies.
  • Posting movies can be restricted to movie forums.
  • Movie forums show posted movie content with the movie poster above the thread list.
  • Statistics on who posted how many movies (With the statistics plugin).
  • Activity points for posting movies.
  • Access rights to edit and post movies.

Further Information

  • After adding movie content there might be only poster and title available. Additional data will be loaded in the background and added shortly later.
  • Available languages: English and German. Note: acotor biographies are only available in English.
  • Support
  • Requires a TMDb API key

This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.

  • Version 1.0.12

    - no longer supporting noexcept image proxy

  • Version 1.0.11

    • added option to show actor portraits in forum view
    • content can now be searched by copying tmdb urls
    • added tmdb page link to mobile view
    • no longer logging error when movie or actor has been removed from tmdb
    • fixed an issue with the discussion count limit on movie pages
    • fixed an issue where ThreadStarter tab was displayed for posts that don't allow ThreadStarter content
  • Version 1.0.9

    • better integration with other threadstarter plugins
    • improved display of movie discussions
    • boxes can now be configured to allow multiple rows
    • fixed an issue where content could be used only in one post
    • fixed some issues with tmdb API parsing
  • Version 1.0.8

    • WCF 5.2 Support
    • If forum is called via HTTPs tmdb images are loaded using HTTPs too
  • Version 1.0.7

    • added multiple languages
    • actor data is now translated
    • added support for fallback to English if selected language is not available
    • imageproxy is now optional
  • Version 1.0.6


    • fixed issue with deleted posts
  • Version 1.0.5

    • using different image proxy to be able to work with woltlab image proxy disabled


    • if content is used multiple times it will be shown only once in the TMDb boxes
  • Version 1.0.4

    - some design optimizations

    - support for advanced likes

  • Version 1.0.2


    • content update can now be triggered manually
    • movies with short titles can be found now (e.g. It, 24)
    • if two titles with the same search year and title are found the more popular one is selected now
    • actors in the post list now show imdb and tmdb links
    • series now support trailers


    • fixed an issue where movies removed from tmdb would cancel content updates
    • fixed an issue where titles with () in the name could not be added
    • fixed an issue with tapatalk plugin
  • Version 1.0.1

    - added option to show tmdb content above posts

    - some design changes

    - some localization changes

    - fixed issue when plugin is disabled

    - fixed issue with threadlist design when no movies are attached

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