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    helps encourage member activity and know where you receive the "Likes" for... unless I'm missing it? I currently don't know if I'm getting any "likes" unless I view activity page, and it shows under profile page on left side, but it's not clickable to see where they were made.

  • also, i don't have alot of time to run all over the forums, looking at each of my 3,000,000 posts I made, to see how many "likes" were given to each of them. Sometimes it's nicer to get the alerts for which ones were "liked" as reminder, to go back and view that thread/post later to respond or "like" others input/replies too. Usually when I get busy with other things, I forget about my posts for while and if I don't even check the posts immediately 24/7, I won't know if they were "liked" or not either. And if asking users for quick response for suggestions for implementing in the forum itself, and basing your implementing the feature for them in fair quickly time frame on how many "likes" for that feature to be added to the forums and you're not seeing the alerts at all, you have to keep refreshing the thread view page, to see how many "likes" are showing quickly.

  • I agree, but it needs to be possible to deactivate this via user settings. Suppose you post something smart in a very large community and recieve dozens of likes for it, you won't want to get an alert for each and every one of them. Unless maybe they could be grouped into one alert saying 'you recieved x quotes on your post in thread x', which might be rather complex to implement.

    Firefox 26.0 on Linux Mint 14 (cinnamon)

  • I agree, I was just thinking that too. That would be too many "like" alerts to delete manually lol. Having some way to group them together would be nice, along with deactivation settings. Or, at least have it to activate / deactivate by user to user basis.

  • Yes, notification via email is important in order to maintain social participation.
    But each type of notification should have a way of opting out in case if the user does not want to get involved.
    Going one step further, those that reply or like a post should also have the option of being notified.

    One of the reasons why there is no participation in the blog and albums section of BB3 is because no one knows when someone else replies or makes a comment, so no one ever goes back.

  • One of the reasons why there is no participation in the blog and albums section of BB3 is because no one knows when someone else replies or makes a comment, so no one ever goes back.

    I didn't know of this before when I bought the blog and album plugins, but hopefully the newer BB4 plugins have that feature. Having people come back to things is vital and important. With forums, people lose interest quickly as it is. People online are usually "lazy" and don't want to bother doing more "work" by going back through things twice or more.

    If people are notified each time of a response or comment or "like" of something, they're more apt to go back and see what's newly posted or "liked", which encourages even more activity and productivity. Like Facebook, you get notified of a "like", then you go back to see what they "liked" and maybe gives you encouragement to add more comments or remarks to first post.

    Alot of my top previous forum contributors stopped doing anything because they lacked appreciation for what they were doing for community. The forums slowly die off and no one cares about it anymore. Having to pay money for special plugins that help boost activity / encouragement gets costly too. Some of these features should be built into the core system to begin with, to help drive more activity and contributors. The "like" system would and could help with this of course, it just needs implemented correctly. :)

  • I wouldn't call it laziness. If "they" were lazy they wouldn't be reading anything in the first place, but I understood the meaning.

    The problem is one of information overload and we need to make sure that we remind people to return.

    Many times I do not go back to an article because I just forget. There's too much going on online to keep track of anything. It must be done automatically or we lose the momentum.

    It is true that many people in the forums start an interesting topic and give up due to lack of general interest. Facebook has a disadvantage "things last a day or two and then die". If we can provide feedback as well as facebook does, then the forums will be a much better platform than social networks such as FB, and we can do what we do best: write about serious stuff.

  • yeah true, they wouldn't even bother joining and reading anything if they that lazy lol. " *yawn* i just woke up, crawled out of bed and logged online and loaded a page, i'm exhausted, whelp time for nap* "

    I tend to forget too, and I usually avoid forums that are already too busy with much information already posted. It's overwhelming for me to find anything quickly. I just don't bother with that site anymore. Stuff gets buried quickly, it's pain in ass to find it again.. Just like you said, facebook is bad for that. Its post once, and it's forgotten in day or two anyway, and it's buried so far deep within other things. I can't be bothered to scroll through past posts from last week, it's too much work.

    You are right though, if the facebook type "features/functions" could be implemented right /properly.. the forums can be unbeatable. I noticed there was Lexicon plugin too, for forum wiki or whatever? I'm interested in that as well. Would be awesome to have all the really useful threads/articles in one place, and organized, so it's easily found.

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