Import phpBB 3.3.x and transferring of images, downloads, smilies and avatars

  • Because it is difficult for me to guess how an import of a phpBB database and existing images + downloads (attachments) will be done.... is that a simple click and go? Will all images, avatars and downloads be in the messages the same way? At the moment I am using standard directories in phpBB (files, images) and a download directory in which are some different standard files (i.e. magazine copies).

    If transferred to Woltlab cloud from phpBB 3.3.x, are all links to images, downloads etc. in the same way visible? Or do I need to correct a lot of links for example? Or will something break? Attached is a screenshot of all directories used by phpBB (ap_solo is not to be transferred)

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    The migration from phpBB 3.3 is fully supported and the process will take care of existing avatars, attachments, messages, threads, forums, private messages, users and user groups. The links will not be identical but can be set up to seamlessly redirect to the new links.

    Every migration to the WoltLab Cloud is performed by an WoltLab employee directly and we will also take care of setting up those aforementioned redirects. It doesn’t get easier than that! :) You can contact us ahead of time by email to or through the ticket system (after completing the order) and we’ll walk you through the details.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

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