Edit about new users

  • Hello, when I activate e-mail verification, a user whose e-mail is not verified cannot do anything. This is actually a very nice feature, but can we improve this a little more?

    For example, a user who does not verify their email address should not be able to see anything in the forum, including categories. Is something like this possible?

  • It's true, as you mentioned, but unfortunately it can still see the topics even if I hide them. Actually, my only goal is to ensure that visitors cannot see the links and those who do not approve the e-mail cannot see it, but that means we cannot do it :D

    May 5, 2024 at 10:05 PM
  • In the board-management (ACP) you can set the group "guests" for special permessions (for each board/forum). There you can set (in German version called):

    1. "Kann Forum sehen" or/and "Kann Forum betreten"
    2. "Kann Themen lesen"

    Allow or deny these points for each desired board/forum.

    but unfortunately it can still see the topics even if I hide them

    After this settings it's not possible.

    PS: The only reason for that would be: Another group-policy grants these right (e.g. "Jeder")


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