Importing a .html file into the CMS regularly

  • Hello WoltLab Community,

    I have a podcast with +500 Episodes which are around 3 hours long each. There are plenty of sources (links), second most common source is the German Parlament. One awesome fan does the legwork of organizing all our sources into one .html file which get published on his Google Drive. The source file as of now is available at It's quite large and gets updated regularly. In the past we used a WoltLab installation as a backend. We would love to use it as frontend. I created a Template via WoltLab's CMS to display the sources here:

    Is there a way to just grab the data automatically from the source the fan provides? Here his GoogleDrive also available here via TinyURL. How big would be the effort to program something like that? Or is grabbing the file from the Google Drive rather complicated? My hope is that the CMS Page gets updated automatically when the published GoogleDrive file changes.

    Or if the fan would upload the .html file on my server would that make things easier? The .html is so big I can't even edit the CMS page. Since my browser crashes when editing the sources. I have to delete the old CMS page and create a new CMS page in order to have the sources on our WoltLab installation displayed.

    I am hoping to get answers on how much effort (hours) that would be to create a solution for this problem? Upload of the file to the server or grabbing directly from Google Drive? My hope is that somebody sees here the chance to create a plugin for the community which I can buy. Or maybe find somebody who can do this tailored for me? Would gladly pay to not update the page manually each week.

    Thank you very much for your attention.

    Have a great day!

    Best Regards,


  • If you need a custom solution, feel free to reach out. In fact, it's not advisable to display everything on a single page, because it makes navigation and interaction very hard. So it's not just about reading the data and inject it to the page.

    Alternatively, you could embed it as iframe. But that looks ugly and solves nothing.

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