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    Our Woltlab forums are currently at the core of our community and is where the "golden source of truth" is for things like accounts and permissions / groups. The big challenge we currently have is that we have built a number of applications which rely on OIDC (Currently via KeyCloak) for authentication and authorisation, however the only Woltlab plugin I could find and purchase that provides an OIDC server does not work with the generic and standard setup KeyCloak offers, nor does it pass the group(s) which a user is in meaning we can't use it for anything other than a dumb identity provider assuming we can get it to talk at all (Which in the last 18 months of owning I have had no real joy on).

    I would like the ability within Woltlab in a sensible way to integrate with an external identity provider to be able to use the identities created and managed within the Woltlab suite to be the primary source of authentication and authorisation for various other services which are entirely external to our forums.

  • The most logical thing to do here would be to ask the author of the plugin if he can adapt his plugin accordingly.

    We have implemented various SSO solutions in the past. These were always individual solutions, since every customer has different requirements and it would be very difficult to map all the different requirements in a standard function.

    In addition to the unusually high support effort involved in setting it up, such a solution only has a very small target group, which is why it will probably never be implemented as a standard function.

    Marcel Werk
    WoltLab CEO

  • Marcel Werk August 11, 2023 at 5:08 PM

    Added the Label Won’t be implemented

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