Accelerated Guest View

  • Just curious:

    Does anyone actually enable the option of "Accelerated Guest View" in the ACP?

    Is this option to be continued in Version 6.X ?

    The main reason why I never enabled this option is due to this message:

    Warning: This mode is highly restricted and reduces the abilities of guests to interact with your site, such as creating new content.

  • Yes, we use it ourselves on and this mode will remain and be improved in 6.0. It improves both page load times and responsiveness.

    What about this additional statement included in the "Warning":

    Please review your installed plugins before enabling to see if they are compatible with this setting.

    I have quite a few Plugins on my forum.

    It would be quite a "chore" for me to check out every plugin I have with the Plugin Developers regarding this issue.

    So my question is: What is the probability of "incompatibility" with a plugin or plugins of which I have installed?

  • You can disregard this warning, it exists since the introduction of this mode years ago and really isn't up to date anymore.

    OK, thank you for the info. Maybe I will try activating the "Accelerated Guest View".

    I am assuming of course that if I don't like the effects of it, I can deactivate it. Correct?

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