How create styles

  • You can create your own style in the ACP under Costomization > Styles > Add style. This will create a copy of the default style. I personally always work with the color palette so that I don't have to define any other colors in the SCSS of the style (with a few exceptions).

    I know that you need to create a group of templates

    You don't need to unless you want to modify something, e. g. the structure of the messageSidebar.

    I have a question in css edit? Where?

    You can add your CSS or SCSS Snippets under Advanced Settings "Individual CSS and SCSS" or you can add a global styling for every style under Customization > Global CSS and SCSS.

    What does the style creation workflow look like?

    There isn't one perfect workflow, you have to find your own one. For me, I'm using the browser devtools to find the exact selector of an element I like to customize, paste that into my code editor (VS Code) and add the needed properties to it. After that, I paste the "code" into the code editor of the ACP and save it.

    I recommend you to combine all changes in one file and copy the content into the editor in the ACP. At least that's how I work, since unfortunately there's no plugin that links VS Code to the style editor in the ACP. That would save you some steps, especially since the editor in the ACP is "only"functional, but you have much more possibilities in a code editor like VS Code.

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