Image Compression (Locally, or via API)

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    As we all know the images that members upload to the gallery can be both vastly different in file size, and vastly different in file format.

    Could we have an implementation that would allow for us to compress (either locally on the system, or via a service through an API) to compress these image files down and possibly force them into a specific image format if we wanted to (ex; .png converts to .webp)? I believe that this would help those with the Gallery app, who also want to store images (or videos) but don't want to deal with the huge file sizes that some image files can take when they could be converted automatically at the time of upload to friendlier file formats.

    I know that there are plugins that do this for Attachments (ex; TinyImg5), but nothing touches the Gallery app plugin-wise that can do this at all.

  • ImageMagick is implemented

    Correct - but there are far better ways to compress (and maintain the image quality) outside of ImageMagick that can help free up space by slightly reducing image quality.

    Additionally, converting images to a common format can help as well.

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