System Check indicates Bufferpool Size needs to be increased

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    Hello Everyone,

    In my Forum's ACP, under "System Check", it shows two messages:

    ONE: MySQL - Requirements are not met

    TWO: Bufferpool Size is reading 16 Mi

    Message statement under "Bufferpool Size states the following:

    Bufferpool Size

    16 MiB The bufferpool is the place where the stored data is kept in memory. It is shared by every customer using the same database server. The bufferpool must have a size of at least 128 MiB to allow for processing of complex queries. To prevent disk accesses from slowing down the page the bufferpool should generally be configured much larger. The ideal size varies based on the hardware configuration.

    I performed the following:

    Cleared Cache

    Rebuilt Data

    Can anyone help me regarding this issue?

    How critical is this setting?

    Should I contact my Hosting Provider and ask them to make "adjustment" to this "Bufferpool Size?

    Ruff Seas

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    128 MB is the default setting of MySQL and the bare minimum of what is generally considered to be acceptable. However, this is quite a complicated setting, because the actual requirements scale with the load generated by all users of the same server (read: other customers), which is why we don't give out recommendations.

    Generally speaking:

    • Everything above 128 MB is considered good, because it means that the hosting company did care enough to give this setting a bit of love.
    • 128 MB means the hosting company is lazy and doesn't care.
    • Below 128 MB means that the hosting company is actively crippling the server for whatever evil reason.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • Just for clarification: This value means how much data of the database tables is cached into memory, which means it can be read much faster if the server needs to access this data. Since this data is a shared value across all customers of this particular MySQL server, it means in your case that all customers can have 256 MiB of data into the memory, which is even very low for a single customer alone.

    Imagine there are 50 customers accessing this single MySQL server with 500 MiB data in their databases, which means 25 GiB in total. And only 256 MiB of data is kept in memory for easy and fast access. Every time, data is outside of this cache, the MySQL server needs to access it from the local storage (SSD, HDD), which is much much slower than accessing it through the memory directly.

    That being said, for a good hosting provider this value should be multiple GiB to store as much data as possible into memory to fasten up accessing it. Because that’s what you want from a database server: accessing data fast.

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