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    There does not seem to be any log traces for conversations that have been reported and deleted, and I believe there should be. If a user reports a message/'post' in a direct/private conversation, the message shows up for moderation in the moderation section like posts and users do, but if the moderator chooses to delete the offending message, there is no trace of it in the system afterwards. The Deleted Content page has a tab for threads, and a tab for posts, but it does not have a tab for conversations. The Global Modification Log in the ACP does not include a line saying a conversation message was moved to the trash bin.

    I understand private conversations should be private and this is likely why this isn't included, but if a report is marked resolved without deletion, the closed report is still kept visible with the other non-deleted closed reports. It is only when it is deleted that there is no trace of it. This seems like an oversight, and a potential for abuse; if a moderator deletes a reported conversation message before other moderators see it, there is no log or trace that this happened, nor is the reported conversation message visible for anyone else to read. The unread notification of a pending item in moderation also disappears for other moderators, meaning if this happens while others are offline, there is not even the sign that a report was made at all.

    This seems dangerous to me. Let's say a user reports a moderator for something said in a private conversation, or a friend of a moderator's, and that moderator decide to go in and delete that report and conversation message before anyone else can see it. All evidence of the report and the conversation message is gone, down to the notification, unless the user thought to take a screenshot before reporting it. Records of all deleted reported content should be kept in my opinion, especially when forums are dealing with cases of moderators who started out good and have started to let power go to their head, or are doing favours for friends.

    For these reasons, I think a tab should be added to the deleted content page in the moderation panel for conversations at the very least, and possibly an entry format to the Global Modification Logs as well.

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