Search Engine Alternative

  • As Google increasingly "blocks" inquiries regarding the attempt to find out who is of a certain IP Address,

    I discovered an alternate Search Engine that is much better!

    It is called: Ecosia.

    Explanation: When someone appears to be "flooding" my forum (going through everything - e.g., clicking on anything and everything)

    and staying on the forum for so long that it comes close to running my forum domain over the limit my hosting plan permits -

    it is only common sense that I block that individual.

    Very recently I had such an experience - an IP Address which is based in France. [Several Spam prevention sites have reported this particular

    IP Address as one of the most active and vicious forum hackers. It is IP

    Anyways to continue ......... Google has increasingly "thrown in my face" so to speak, captcha screen requirements that require clicking on images

    that sometimes just go on and on just like the "energizer bunny" !

    Enough is enough!

    So now I use Ecosia! Try it - you might like it!

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