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    For non-required threadform options there could be a permission editor to specify who can see the field and who can set/edit it. I see it as a useful feature that's currently missing.

  • Have you tried and edited forum permissions

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  • Yes, but that doesn't cut it. I want everyone to post freely, but leave thread form field assignment up to a moderator. Forum labels or custom user profile fields have permission manager allowing this, custom forum fields don't.

    There's a bunch of plugins in the store that are basically a poor, stripped down forum with custom data per thread. None of those plugins even fits my needs so I have to implement my own - and I'm not a PHP developer so I just hacked the thread forms. They even show up in forum list (with very minimal code changes). If this was implemented in a generic way it could make WBB definitely more useful (judging by existence and popularity of those forum-like plugins).

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