Linking a value in the forum

  • Hello people

    I have a general question and I would like to know if it is possible to transfer or link a value from a plugin to a "box" in the forum, so that the value on a subpage of a plugin is also displayed in a box on the main screen.

    It is so I have own game servers, through a plugin I have entered our game servers in the forum. There the server names, map names, Ip addresses and also the number of players are displayed. I would like to create on the main page (forum) like a box in the hero, where I can also directly integrate the servers, at least the value of the number of players, I would like to take over, as well as the map, which is currently being played. Since my knowledge is very limited and I am rather a beginner, I wanted to ask if and how I can link this?

    Hope you understand what I mean.

    Would be very happy about feedback.

  • Of course it's possible!

    The absolute simplest solution is to create a custom PHP box with a plugin [1], fetch all relevant data from MySQL in the PHP code, and display it as you want. MySQL is where *most* of forum data is stored, including data from your plugins. You could also try to dig into the plugin code and find functions responsible for fetching data, then use them instead. They also fetch from MySQL, but can also use some cache to save you bandwidth.

    [1] CMS: PHP in boxes

  • I do not know if it is allowed here, but is there anyone who can help me here?

    I have a table on the home page of the forum (forum list), there should be displayed my game servers, with server name, Ip, online status, slot count and currently played map.

    All these values I already have on the homepage or in the forum, on a subpage, through an addon. I just want to have them linked in a HTML table in the forum list, in the "content area-top". Of course I want the table to look nice, I have already created the look and the table is up, but I just don't have the necessary values, I can't get them transferred. I look already soo long after it, but do not manage it, so I ask for help, if someone can help me here, would of course also give a small donation to the coffee fund, if that is allowed at all here. If not, please inform me about it.

    Preferably a German speaker, because my English is not good :D

    If someone is interested, I would be very happy if you would report.

    Thank you very much

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