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    November 2021 - Carnivore Town

    Specifically I want the week number (44, 45, 46, etc) to be a different colour, because it really clashes with the Sunday dates.

    I tried something like

    .calendarMonthView .calendarWeeks .a {

    color: green ;


    But it changes all of the day links, not just the week number.

    I'm sure I'm just missing a class. Anybody have an insight to the class that I'm missing here?

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    you've almost figured it out yourself: :)

    .calendarFullMonthView .calendarWeeks>li>div>a {
        color: green;

    Many greetings,


  • Thank you - it worked like magic.

    I expanded what you gave me into this:

    .calendarFullMonthView .calendarWeeks>li>div>a {
        color: rgba(46,139,87,1.0);
    .calendarFullMonthView .calendarWeeks>li>div>a:hover {
        color: rgba(60,179,113,1.0);

    It works, but is it considered bad practice? i.e., because I defined a:hover, is it considered best practice to also define a:link, a:visited, a:active (even though I want them all to be the same color anyway) ?

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