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  • Hello,

    Following the recent decision of ipboard to change its pricing policy completely to the detriment of its customers, I am considering migrating our community to WoltLab (https://fallout-generation.com).

    Before doing so, I have several questions, is the migration possible for the gallery, forum, page and download?

    Also, we currently use "commerce" to manage our memberships (we are an association) and sell goodies, is there a similar application from you?

    If so, is it possible to get a test version to check if everything is ok during the migration ?



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    Hello Kims,

    We do have an importer for the core features, including the forum, users and conversations. However, we currently do not support gallery and downloads, but would be able to modify the importer to include support for it. This would require some time and a copy of the required data to work with.

    Looking at your requirements in regards to the monetization, you could take a look at a third party app that handles these:

  • Thanks for your answer :)

    So you could adapt the migration software for these two applications?

    I think indeed that many of us would be interested considering the grumbling at ipb :)

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    Yes, we can add the support for these apps. However, we will need a copy of the data (files + database) in order to test it against. This process can easily take a few weeks to get everything ironed out.

    One issue I see is that we currently do not have an official French localization and I couldn't find an unofficial translation so far.

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