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    Hi Guys!

    I was going to look into making this myself, but i believe it would be a better system if it was hard implemented.

    an API for the Filebase that allows a 3rd Party Application to Get a File List from the Filebase based on information, and download from the filebase through a 3rd party software

    Here is an example on what I personally will use it for to help put it into perspective:

    What I have is Woltlab Suite with Filebase and I use it as a mod posting website for a game,
    I would like to be able to:
    Get a list of all the Mods posted in the file base based on:
    Category ( So say the Categories i have are the Game Version)

    I would passthrough: ?category=category
    and it would return a list with everything in that category,

    The information I would like passed through is:
    Mod Name:
    Mod Version:
    Mod Creator (User Account Username):
    Download URL:

    Another thing that I think should go with this is a Creator's API Key, that they would need to click a button on their profile page to request for one and have it approved by an administrator,
    The Creators API Key would be required for the API Request to be served

    The Ability to customize what can be passed through the api as well

    Reason Behind this request:
    WoltLab Suite Filebase is a great tool for this kind of thing, and we would like to use custom mod loaders with this kind of API

    Thank you for reading and your consideration

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