How to ADD a Social Media Contact Option to Forum Member's Profile

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 5.3

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to ADD a Contact Option to my Forum Profile Account Listing of my forum.

    Would appreciate suggestions (or direction) on how to accomplish this.

    Please see attachment below for clarification.


  • In the ACP, go to Users -> Custom User Fields -> Add Custom User Field

    Thanks for your reply DMedia,

    Unfortunately I cannot make it work.

    I did succeed in setting up the "box" area for Tumblr. However, when I put in my Tumblr User Name (as I did with Twitter),

    the link does not highlight (is not activated).

    NOTE: I don't know if this important or not, but when I activated my Twitter Link pertaining to my Account Profile, e.g., "about me",

    I did not have to fill out those boxes as shown in the attachments below - the system filled them for me when I clicked on "submit".

    The ONLY box I filled out was in my Profile Account Area >About Me >Contact Options

    Please see the screen shots below




  • the link does not highlight

    This is not yet possible in the ACP, but will be with when WSC 5.4 is released within the next few months.

    Until then, you need to create a custom output class in PHP. This would then be set in the field "PHP Class Name For Output". The regular expression defines which characters are allowed to enter in this field by the user.

    I've attached an output class example for you, but it's untested! Move it into lib/system/option/user and set the output class name to wcf\system\option\user\TumblrUserOptionOutput

    As an alternative, you could just set the profile field to type 'url' so that users need to enter the full profile url until WSC 5.4 is released.

  • This is not yet possible in the ACP, but will be with when WSC 5.4 is released within the next few months.

    Thanks again for your help!

    I disengaged the Tumblr Link in the ACP and will wait until Version 5.4 of WSC becomes available for purchase - which is what I have intended to do anyway (upgrade from Version 5.3).

    But at least for now I will have my Website link, Twitter link, and Facebook Link

    One more question if alright with you:

    When someone clicks on my Admin Profile (name and/or logo) from any where in the Forum, e.g., Members, Posts I have made, etc., etc.,

    the displayed information shows my "website link" (which is of course,

    but it does NOT display the Twitter Link or Facebook link.

    Is there a way to ADD those two to the Admin Profile Stats along with the "website" link?

  • Thanks for that. Yes it is possible.

    Please check the following location:

    ACP >> Configuration >> Messages


    Alexander / Aebian

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