Possible to have test forum with the same license?

  • Hello,

    I recently tried to install a package and it crashed my active forum. (ex. real.forum.com)

    Couldn't uninstall it as all pages didn't work including ACP.

    Fortunately, I was able to restore from backup but lost data as much as 1-2days amount of threads and posts.

    So I want to create another forum for test with different domain.(ex. test.forum.com)

    I just created a new server and successfully copied and pasted the current forum data both Web and DB servers.

    However, it looks like the test Web server is trying to connect to real.forum.com's DB, but blocked by firewall.

    How can I manually update the mysql info?

    Is it possible to have another forum for test with the same license? if then, how?

    Thank you for your time and I await your response.

    P.S. Found the below links

    The software is licensed under the domain? (In 2008, too old?)

    https://manual.woltlab.com/en/server-migration/ (Didn't edit config.inc.php yet as I'm afraid of losing production version)

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    to be able to write in the support areas of the Community Forum, you have to verify yourself as a license holder. Log in with the account with which you purchased the license.

    As the license holder, you can also activate an additional user for the support areas in your customer area.

    We do not put any anti-consumer mechanisms into our software that phones home or in any other way prevents a legtimate customer from ever using their software. However, this requires us to verify that users are indeed customers to prevent users with pirated copies of the software to take advantage of the paying customers.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

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