Drag and Drop to Rearrange Forums

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    WoltLab Suite 3.1

    Is there a requirement for a particular browser or setting to allow an admin to drag and drop to rearrange forums in the Forum editor which lists all the forums in a tree? It seems to me that I used to be able to do this by moving my cursor to an appropriate place, and that the cursor would change shape and forums could be rearranged, then the new arrangement saved by clicking submit.

    But in recent months I have not been able to do that no matter what browser I have been using (firefox, vivaldi, waterfox, pale moon). Am I using an incorrect browser or have I somehow turned off a setting that allows this?

    is it possible I am confusing this with dragging and dropping menus, and that moving forums in the same way has never been possible?


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  • Ah, that may be my issue! I do have a lot of forums - so many that I have lost count of them. It never occurred to me that there might be an upper limit of advisable number to have. Is there a rule of thumb that it is good not to exceed XX number of forums?

  • Is there a rule of thumb that it is good not to exceed XX number of forums?

    This restriction is only relevant for sorting forums because the current underlying JavaScript code becomes a bit unreliable for a large number of sortable elements. Otherwise, it is up to you and your forum whether it makes sense to have so many forums or whether, for example, merging forums and using labels instead might be a better solution.

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