Fatal Error when trying to change avatar

  • Hello,

    I use WoltLab Suite Core 3.1.10 pl 2 on my website with user-friendly links (Apache 2). Everything is working fine except when I am in https://mysite.ir/user/1 and click on 'Avatar Management', it shows fatal error:

    I have checked avatarEdit.tpl template and I have not manually modified it, but I am not sure why I am getting this error.

    These are the first seven lines of avatarEdit.tpl file:

    {include file='userMenuSidebar'}
    {include file='header' __disableAds=true __sidebarLeftHasMenu=true}
    {if $__wcf->user->disableAvatar}
        <p class="error">{lang}wcf.user.avatar.error.disabled{/lang}</p>

    I use custom language in my website which is my own translation, and English is disabled globally.

    I have manually uploaded an avatar of my own user in ACP, but my future users would probably have the same problem.

    Could you help me please how can I solve this?



  • Hello Dukemaster and thanks for the reply in Avatar problem

    I cannot reply threads in Chit Chat forum, so I reply you here.


    do you use a test install or a purchased one, or hacked one, because you are not marked as customer?

    I use the free Core software in my website because of two reasons: 1) I do not need forum software at the moment 2) To be frank, I cannot afford the license to be a customer as only purchasing one of 49.99$ products costs me 7M IRR.

    Thanks for the solution. I have checked wcf.user.avatar.error.disabled phrase which contained an extra {/if} and I have modified it, so now it's working fine.

    Thanks a lot.

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