"Latest Posts" side box should filter posts according to the currently selected category

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    If a forum has several categories, for example "Business", "Marketing" and "Design", and I click on one of them, say, "Design", the "Latest Posts" side box inside this category should show posts only pertaining the selected category, in this case "Design". The current behaviour of the box is to show the latest posts of the entire forum, regardless where the box is shown.

  • I poked around and there's a setting under ACP -> Content -> Boxes -> Latest Posts called "Restrict to Current Forum", but it's a bit too strict for what I was looking for: when selected, the box does not show content from subforums. What I'm really looking for is a "Restrict to Current Forum and its Subforums" setting, something that when you click on a "category" forum, such as Help – Customer to Customer, shows the latests posts from all of its subforums there, while still filtering the rest.

    Perhaps I should open a new thread since I suppose it's a new suggestion now.

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