Registration via Third-Party Authentication only

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 3.1

    Hello everyone,

    In order to limit the PII (personal identifiable information) stored on my end (forums), I would like to:

    1. Disable "local registrations", and allow registrations via Third-Party Authentication only
    2. Limit the personal data stored on my end to a bare minimum (e.g. do not store users e-mails at all in my database)

    The end goal is:

    Do not be an administrator of any personal data, and use APIs from 3rd parties (e.g. Google) to authenticate users on my page.

    How to achieve that? Any ideas, recommendations?


  • It is only possible if you willing to rewrite and overwrite the core registration/login systems provided by woltlab. Doing so would probably cut you off the official updates as your woltlab suite would be modded and maybe incompatible with certain update(s).

    (e.g. do not store users e-mails at all in my database)

    You have to make sure your API has a unique identifier for your users if you want to ditch an email address. For example a display name is not always a reliable way to track users as it may be not unique and etc.

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