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    I was wondering if it possible to add menus (such as User Account, Settings & Community) to the control panel and if so, how can I do that? Could I also set permissions to make it visible only to selected user-groups?

    Can anybody explain to me how to create a menu to link different part of the same post?

    Such as:

    1. Menu One

    1.1 Menu One One

    1.2 Menu One Two

    2. Menu Two

    2.1 Menu Two One

    2.2 Menu Two Two

    1. One (When clicking on 1. Menu One you will be pointed here)

    1.1 One One (When clicking on 1.1 Menu One One you will be pointed here)

    ...and so on!

    All the best

  • Marcel Werk

    Added the Label Won’t be implemented

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