Email from Core on Localhost ?

  • I have spent a number of happy hours experimenting with the Core since I downloaded yesterday. But before I upload to my server I have to be sure that I have got everything working.

    Getting emails to send from the Core has proved impossible for me ?

    I am using WAMP

    WampServer 3.1.9

    Apache Module 'ssl_module' Enabled

    Php Extensions 'sockets' Enabled
    and 'openssl' Enabled

    Is there a setting in the Admin area of the Core that I have not found yet ?

    And while I am here, does paying the fee to have the WoltLab branding removed, count as being in possession of a Licence ?

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    Emails sent from dial-up connections (or in general "homes") are usually rejected by major email providers, because these emails more often than not contain spam. WAMP and similar products are great to try out things, but they do not represent actual production environment and thus are somewhat limited in what they can do. Sending emails do work with properly set up servers.

    However, you can try it by using an external email server, such as gmail. Please use the test butto found on the configuration site to validate the settings.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

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