Trophies Page, breaks when there is a few.

  • So the sites "Trophies" page breaks whenever you change to certain pages.

    I tested with 2 different trophies, 1 of them, there is 4 pages of members with it, the other there is 3. the 4 page one, works on page 1 and 2, but if you go to 3 it breaks. the one with 3 pages, breaks if you try to go to page 2.

    Edit: tested 2 more, they all do it, on the last page or 2. The error given is this,

    • Error Type:


    • Error Message:

      Call to a member function getAvatar() on null

    • File:

      */templates/compiled/3_wcf_1_trophy.php (2547).

    By reading the numbers, it seems like the last page, (or 2 in the case of of them) can not fill the whole 30 members of a per page.

    • Official Post


    it looks like there's some erroneous entries in your trophy table. Possibly your foreign keys are no longer created. In order to have a closer look at the problem, it would be nice if you could open a ticket for me. Then I'll take a quick look at it.

    Best regards


  • I already did, you already fixed it :) I just forgot to delete or edit this post, I am sorry.

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