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    Me, like a lot of forums have user ranks based on the points the user has received.

    I want to have secret boards for the different tiers of "User Rank". When users gain access to a new forum by getting more points they lose access to the old forum of the lower tier. I was curious if we could get this implemented.

    That will encourage regular users to get involved and they can get treated with access to higher tier forums previously disallowed due to their lower tier stature.

    I think it will build a little bit of competition between users of "Student, Intermediate, Professional, Enlightened, and Master" user ranks.

  • You can do this. You can add users to a group depending on their received points. Then you could add a forum for user group 1 and add access to this forum for user group 1 and explicitly deny access to any other user group. Do the same for any other group you want to achieve that afterwards. :)

    If you need a more detailed information, just ask.

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