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    The sidebar styling could use some options, or just flat out removed. I know I put this in gallery, however really it goes site wide.

    Hard coding sidebars, that people might not want (I dont on 90% of pages) isn't cool. In the case of Gallery, we have a category side bar, then the gallery list. Which leads to 2-3 categories and a content box, that carrys down forever. This leaves a ton of wasted space and looks horrid. Categories should have the option to be on top or bottom of the gallery, same with details and category on the actual image/video.

    Categories list on top, as an option or bottom would be great, so would just be a not shown. I want to have more than one categories, so I have to deal with a box I wont even use.

    If someone has a way, to fix it Please let me know, I have tried a few things with CSS, but even with the sidebar hidden, the content still doesnt take up full page.

  • Can't uncheck whichever boxes you do not want shown on a page? If you uncheck every box that's shown on a gallery page you shouldn't have a sidebar.

    Right ya, that works for the main gallery page. It does not work for the /gallery/image/example-image-user1

    We are not using it for images at all, but rather videos. So when the video is half size over a "Details" box, which is not a box listed, and "categories" is hard coded in that page. Which makes zero sense, as they are trying to watch the video they clicked on, not see categories of more of them lol.

    I would like to keep the views around, I did find a way to remove the side bar completely, which will have to work for now, but now the Uploaders lose the views they get on the site. Which is not ideal :(.

    To make matters worse, both the Categories, and the Details boxes are hard coded. So I cant even, hide categories, and move details.

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