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    I gather that the Moderation panel will have some improvements to it and I know this is too late to be included in the next version, but can this whole system be revamped and massively expanded for a future version?

    Specifically, I would like to see the following features:

    1. List of all users currently warned and the ability to change the warnings and/or revoke them.
    2. List of all historical warnings.
    3. List of all banned members.
    4. List of all reported content - as now, but improved, in a clear list with columns showing what action was taken and by what staff member.
    5. Complete list of moderator actions taken on the whole site, ie what posts/threads have been edited, moved, deleted etc and by what staff member.
    6. Area where mod decisions between staff, linked to above items are placed and can be debated and actioned.

    Basically, I would like all mod functions taken out of the ACP and moved to the front end in one place giving staff a complete overview of what moderator actions have been taken on the site, by whom, against who and for what reason and on what content in one seamless and easy to use interface.

    I know certain plugins do some of these features, but really they should all be in the core and be accessible in the front end.

    Many thanks and Happy New Year!


    I am a Newbie Admin. Please be gentle, I don't understand technical things.
    (Please can we have a full manual for this software)

  • Marcel Werk March 1, 2020 at 8:03 PM

    Added the Label Won’t be implemented

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