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    Ok, I uploaded a .MP4 video file to the gallery and I included it in a thread.

    On the iPhone safari browser it loads the video, but on chrome and IE on my Windows 10 Pro pc, it says invalid extension (on IE), and NOTHING shows up besides the play, pause bar (on CHROME)

    It is a small 0:37 second video clip and it loads just fine on the phone. Just figured I would see if anyone could replicate this.

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  • I mean I saved it on the phone. It is a .MP4 file saved to my phone and posted by my phone to my forums.

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    This might be an issue with the codec, after all mp4 is just a container type and not a video format. If it helps, think of mp4 as being a can, you can stuff pretty much everything into it and it will still be a can, but two cans are not guaranteed to contain the same things.

  • Just an FYI, I did not change anything on the video. I emailed it to myself via my phone, and I reuploaded it to the Gallery with my PC and then I included it into my message the same way and it works now. There has to be some problem with it when it uploads on the cellphone...

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