WBB + Azure = ?

  • Long time Azure customer. Having succesfully manage to operate various themed VMs, I strongly feel its time for deployment of WBB.


    1. Why paid version?
    2. What are payment methods?
    3. Will I have an full, unrestricted, unsupervised access to source?
    4. What makes WBB special over other BBs?


  • Hello wlisik,

    Why paid version?

    Unlike free forum softwares, we have full-time developers that develop new versions and maintain existing ones, guaranteeing a stable development as the years pass by, the very first version of our forum software was released over 17 years ago in 2001! Furthermore a license comes with included access to the official support via our ticket system, a private section where you'll receive help from WoltLab employees only.

    What are payment methods?

    We offer both PayPal and bank transfer, additionally instant bank transfer via Sofort/Klarna, but the supported countries are limited for this service.

    Will I have an full, unrestricted, unsupervised access to source?

    Yes, without any exceptions.

    What makes WBB special over other BBs?

    We have a powerful and free CMS built into the software, even our website is built on top of it. But really, I could go on an enumerate a lot of features and other things that make it the superior choice over product X, but I doubt that it will help you that much. Instead, I would like to suggest that you tell us what you're looking for and we can discuss how our solution would fit your needs. After all, if we have feature Y, but you don't need it, then it wouldn't help you to make a good choice.

  • May I ask for reasons why you offer CMS for free, instead of bundling it into one paid package?

    The CMS is integrated right into the Core which is publicly available on GitHub.com. This framework is the foundation of all of our paid products and it allows us to easily share code between apps.

    Other than that, the CMS is much more flexible than what you would expect from a simple page editing software, it's like a giant box of modules that can interact with each other and be arranged in a lot of different ways. The privacy policy? Just an editable page of the CMS. The "Users Online" box seen on the forum index, in boards and threads? That's three times the same box, no code was duplicated for this - have a look at WoltLab Suite Core 3.0: Boxes, it explains some key features of the box system.

    In short, embedding the CMS into the open source framework has basically helped us saving time and money building our paid products, because we can easily re-use these components.

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