Poll feature with articles

  • I hope that this does not happen. That would be taking a feature that I and many others have paid for with our forum licenses and it would be giving it away for free.

  • The vote poll settings are actually there in the free core used with article system, just that it lacks the option to add polls with articles. Seeing as the setting for vote polls is already there, but kind of there as an obsolete feature if you used the core for free. That is why I asked, I would not have brought it up if no vote settings was present until you install a paid app.

    I understand they ain't going to give everything away for free use, but most free CMS systems out there actually do have the ability to use vote polls and is a pretty important part of an article system if you want your "article system" to be taken seriously for using against others out there.

  • There is a German Thread where Alexander Ebert has explaind why its currently not supported:

    Umfragen in CMS-Seiten/Artikeln

    Bottom Line: Polls are always mono lingual while Articles are by design multi lingual.

    So it requires a major rewrite of the poll System to integrate it on an professional level into Articles and the CMS which is a goal for an upcoming version but currently no ETA (the thread is not labeled for the wsc 3.2 so maybe it will take even multiple Upgrades :( )

  • No, in the forum are thread either english or german, while you can have the same article in english and in german at the same time and every user will see the version matching his settings.

  • Yeah, I just translated what he said.

    At least I can see it is something they wanted do but can't right now because what they say.

  • Matthias Schmidt

    Changed the title of the thread from “Pole feature with articles” to “Poll feature with articles”.

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