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    Every now and then I might get an error LOG file generated. It's no big deal, I'm on shared hosting so tends to happened because of resources used at the time, etc. But when it happens, it means me having to go into cPanel and using File Manager to delete the log file later from the logs folder. Can we please have an option along with reading the log files listed in the admin cp. To also be able to delete them from the server via the Admin CP on the same error log page.

    It's a bit much keep having to go into your host cPanel to keep doing it, when they could be deleted from the logs folder on the server via admin cp very easy

  • So, you're telling me that there's no option to delete log files from the ACP? As a person who has used the competition's software for a couple of years, let me just say: good heavens! Even free forum software have this feature.

  • No, not that I can see. The logs page in the admin cp. The only option I see is the read log files - but not delete them.

    And please, nobody point me to a MOD to do it. It should there to do by default

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