Broken image icon for image inserted into article

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    WoltLab Suite Core

    I inserted an image "Jpeg" into an article that gets displayed. But in the editor after inserting the image, it shows a broken icon for it.

    Image in the article.

    How it shows the image as inserted (as full-size) in the editor using a broken image icon

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  • Seems if inserting the image as either SMALL or MEDIUM thumbnail, it shows up okay in the editor. This only happens when you insert the image as "ORIGINAL SIZE".

    At times it will show the image as Original Image size in the editor. But when you save the article and exit the page, then go back to the article again and look in the editor. It shows a broken icon then. But that does not happen when you use small or medium thumbnail for it

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  • I've seen that happen when editing an article but when the article is saved the image shows up fine. It doesn't bother me as long as the image is there when the article is saved.

  • I'm only talking here about the editor in the admin cp. The image always shows up fine on the front-end in the article all the time.

    At first when inserting the image as Full Size, it only showed the broken icon for it. But after then testing Small and Medium and seeing it shows the image in the editor - I tested inserting as Full Size again and it showed the image now in the editor for it for some strange reason, unlike before. It only seemed to start showing up after using Medium and Small. But, when you save and exit the article. If you inserted the image as Small or Medium it still shows up when going back into the article to edit it again. But if you inserted it as Full Size, when going back to edit the article it shows a broken image icon each time.

    But it's a bug (no matter if it shows it in the article on the front-page) because it should not be doing that in the editor on the back end showing a broken image icon for it when going back to edit it again

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    Do you have a plugin for two-factor authentication installed? I remember a similar issue being caused by such a plugin that blocked the access to the image link due to a malfunction.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • Do you have a plugin for two-factor authentication installed?

    No, the only plug-in I have installed is Modern Shoutbox. That's it, nothing else, no other mods or changes have been made. Stock install other than that shoutbox added. I have not even touched anything with the style, I pretty much run the site as stock on purpose

  • Alexander Ebert May 11, 2018 at 11:18 AM

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  • Not sure how this can be marked as resolved when two of us have shown you the problem happening, and even Paul said he knows it happens when he has inserted images as full-size before.

    What he has shown you in that video, is what happpens. If you insert an image as full-size it will show up at first in the editor when saving the article. But then you exit the article and go back to it again and check the images you inserted, you will see the image inserted as full-size now shows a broken icon for the image instead when you go back into the article again for a second time

    Maybe you're not seeing this issue. Becuase after you insert an image as full-size and save the article. You are not leaving it, then going back into the article for a second time "after adding the image" to see the problem.

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  • Marcel Werk August 27, 2018 at 12:48 PM

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