Inline-Code BBCode breaks when used on already formatted text

  • I was just about to answer on some post here, and copied some text to my own post to better answer on it, specifically the phrase


    As you can see, it is formatted using italics.

    If you try to apply inline code formatting to it, the following happens:


    So far, so good. However, due to WSC always marking one extraneous character (yes I know this is intended, I still disagree with the usefulness), you can not type just away. removing the whitespace yields:


    Now its strike-through and the whitespace is still there, still formatted as inline code.

    Whenever something is wrong, Redactor seems to fall back to strikethrough...

    Expected behavior: Applying inline-Code BBCode removes all pre-existing formatting, removing formatting from part of a phrase should not magically turn it into strikethrough.

    /edit: After sending it, the strike-through is gone. Still, its easily repoducible.

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