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  • PL stands for "PatchLevel" (and it's english :) )... For the rest of the question, i am also interested, why customers still on on PL1.

    Viele Grüsse aus Stuttgart, Kind Regards from Stuttgart

  • Woltlab tries its own software here before the new version gets released. So it is normal that this page is one version ahead.

  • Also, what does PL stand for?

    To elaborate a little bit: The patch level, most of the time, fixes bugs occurred by fixing other bugs(side-effects) or when code-based updates have been made(e.g. updating dependencies) without changing any behavior(so for example housekeeping etc.).

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    We're installing new updates on our site before deploying them to everyone, this process can take a few hours up to many days before we're confident enough that everything is working. This is a part of our testing process to verify that it does work outside of synthetic tests; If something goes wrong we can easily fix our site, rather than being required to release a new update for everyone.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • I totally understand. I just figured you more did that on minor and major upgrades. I wasn't assuming patch level additions. :p

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