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    I notice when showing ads in the sidebar (either below and above). They don't get displayed on TAG pages in the left sidebar. Any chance the placement for ads can used there also for below and above left sidebar on TAG pages.

    Using TAG's can lead to many pages being created with different tags added, so it's missing out really on you not able to display a lot of ads spread across the tags pages in that left sidebar.

  • Alexander Ebert

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    This is currently not possible, because the ad system is designed to display them in the right sidebar only. Additionally, the right sidebar is only displayed, if there is any other content, ads themselves do not trigger the display of the sidebar at all. Unfortunately, at the time that the left sidebar is populated, there is not enough information available on the state of the right sidebar, therefore we cannot pull over the ads reliably.

    However, we'll take this into account for a future overhaul of the ad system, we'll find a solution for these kind of layouts.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

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