Favorite plugins for WSC 3.1?

  • I'm asking because I may have overlooked something good.

    What are your favorite plugins for WSC 3.1?

    I don't have too many. So far my favorite is the TMDb plugin, it's really worth the money:

    January 30, 2022 at 1:31 PM
  • None, I don't use any now. I have only ever used that Modern Shoutbox.

    I wish WBB would work on creating a decent official Shoutbox app for sale. They have all the other Apps needed done now, maybe time to think about creating a new extra App we can buy (a shoutbox) with proper features and options.

  • I wish WBB would work on creating a decent official Shoutbox app for sale.

    Would you buy it if it cost as much as the other apps? From what I understand, IPS no longer makes a shoutbox for the latest version of their software. They must have a good reason for stopping its development.

    I would like to see an official shoutbox app too. I would also like to see some kind of official store app even though I don't have use for one.

  • IPS was using their own servers to run the Shoutbox they sold install on your forum, so I think it was more about them not wanting to run the servers for it anymore. I'm not talking about WBB doing that, and Yes I would buy it straight away. I wouldn't be asking otherwise. I think a lot of others would too when you look at the most downloaded Mod listed in FileBase here. That Modern Shoutbox easy wins, which also has the highest sales made as well (twice that of what comes in second place to it). So there is defo a demand for a Shoutbox app to be made that we install and power it ourselves. You only have to look at the FileBase stats here to see that.

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