Style as a Package and other questions

  • I'm currently creating a style and would like to ask some help on "how to" on its development.

    1. Is there any documentation/guide on how to add custom language phrases on a style?
    2. My style has additional files such as JavaScript and jQuery plugins (put in /js) and CSS files of the corresponding jQuery plugins (put in /style). When I try to import the style, these files were not included.
    3. Are there any documentation on how can I bundle the additional phrases and files into the style? Is this what we call as "Style as a Package" and is there any guide for it?
    4. How to make an "update notification" for the users of my style if I make an update of my style?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    1. You need to make a package for that and use the LanguagePIP
    2. You need to make a package for that and use the FilePIP
    3. This is simply making a package, using the LanguagePIP, FilePIP and StylePIP to bundle it all.
    4. Either upload it to the store here or run your own package server

    Making a simple package is discussed in

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