Add Google IP search query link to IP's listed on Online List

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    WoltLab Suite Core

    When you view an IP displayed on the Online List page, unlike with most other forum software there is no ability to do a "WhoIs Search" on the IP listed. But, you can highlight the IP and right-click and choose the option to send it into Google Search""

    I would like to sugest that you MAYBE add that search query to Google and make all IP's listed on the Online List page a clickable link you can quickly click to query Google on it instead of you always having to highlight the IP and right-clicking mouse to do it, too much messing around doing that all the time. Or use some WhoIs IP site query to send them into instead as another option

  • Google? DuckDuckGo ftw!

    btw, a simple template modification would achieve this, no need for a plugin

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