User drop down menus do not drop until clicked on

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    WoltLab Suite Core

    I noticed the user drop down menus do not automatically drop down when you hover you mouse over them. You have to specifically click on them to activate. The navigation menus not shown in my attachment work just fine as they drop down as soon as you hover over them. It is only the user menus shown in my screenshot which appear to have a problem.

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    Actually, this is not a bug, but how it was designed to behave. We did quite a few experiments in the past where it did open by hovering from some time, but it has annoyed the absolute majority of the users, hence we reverted back to the click-to-open state.

    The main menu is a bit different, because an item (such as "Forum" here) is both a clickable link and the parent of other items. Expanding it by hovering over it is the only solution that allows for this ambiguity.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

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